About epic

A staple product that’s anything but basic

From the kitchen coffee bar to the living room feature wall, thoughtful touches make epic homes distinct. Factor in the exterior design options and Clayton Built® features and you have a series of homes that looks great, is built to last, and provides incredible value for retailers, communities, and home buyers

Making home your own

After choosing your epic home, there’s only one more choice to make: selecting a color package. No matter which option you choose, each package includes colors that are timeless yet on-trend. An epic design specialty.

Every epic home includes multifunctional space that allows you to make your home work for you. Set it up as a pet hideaway, workout area, play area, work nook, or use it for storage. There’s probably something you need that we haven’t even imagined yet. Which is why we included the space.

Designed with communities and homeowners in mind, epic homes deliver value for the price in every way.

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epic homes are Clayton Built® homes

When you buy a home with the Clayton Built® stamp on it, you’re getting a home that’s just as important to us as it is to you. You can be confident your home is built on a foundation of strength, integrity, and accountability, because for us, "good enough" just doesn't cut it.